The Integrative Center for Learning and Memory (ICLM) was officially launched in September of 2011, but it is more appropriate to say that it was officially christened on that date. In reality, UCLA has had an active and highly collaborative learning and memory community for quite some time, and the formation of this new academic unit reflects this.

The ICLM has grown organically through many interactions, collaborations and projects since the early 1990s. UCLA neuroscientists, with a wide range of expertise, but with common interests in learning and memory, have been meeting for decades to exchange ideas, share tools and approaches, set up collaborations, organize symposia, workshops as well as graduate and undergraduate courses. As a result, the UCLA learning and memory community has become increasingly interlinked, and cohesive. Besides a large number of research collaborations, joint initiatives of our community have included a popular annual symposium (the Southern California Learning and Memory Symposium), an active weekly journal club, a lecture series, the annual Learning and Memory Lecture and graduate and undergraduate courses on the subject.

The formal launch of the ICLM is nonetheless an important step. As the official face for learning and memory research at UCLA, we hope to improve and increase the number and scope of learning and memory research collaborations at UCLA, as well as improve the public awareness of the impact of what we do.

Our researchers address big fundamental questions about the brain, questions that are fundamental to who we are as humans. Inevitably, the answers they find will have an impact on many areas of human health, from discovering treatments for cognitive disorders such as learning disabilities, to offering new insights into neurologic and psychiatric conditions associated with cognitive impairments such as Autism, Schizophrenia, Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress.

We invite you to explore this site and learn more about what we do. Big things are happening here!

The directors,

Alcino Silva, David Glanzman, and Michael Fanselow