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Alcino Silva

Cognitive problems associated with a wide range of medical problems, including neurodevelopmental disorders, aging-related conditions, neurodegenerative disorders and even conditions such as cancer and heart disease, represent the singular most serious unmet medical need. Alcino Silva’s laboratory is studying the molecular, cellular and circuit processes that underlie the encoding, allocation, storage and recall of information in the brain. They are using insights into mechanisms of memory to unravel the causes of cognitive deficits associated with aging, learning disabilities, autism and schizophrenia. The Silva lab has identified in mice adult treatments for the learning problems associated with neurodevelopmental disorders, including tuberous sclerosis and Neurofibromatosis type I. The insights obtained from these studies are bringing us closer than ever to developing general strategies to tackle the serious medical problems associated with cognitive deficits. His laboratory is also developing strategies to derive simplified useful representations of previous findings, (i.e. creating research maps that could be used for experiment planning).


Recent Publications

Neurofibromin regulates corticostriatal inhibitory networks during working memory performance.
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The Hippocampus Plays a Selective Role in the Retrieval of Detailed Contextual Memories.
Wiltgen, B.J., M. Zhou, Y. Cai, J. Balaji, M.G. Karlsson, S.N. Parivash, W. Li, and A.J. Silva
Curr Biol. 2010. 20(15): p. 1336-1344. PMID: 20637623

Dnmt1 and Dnmt3a maintain DNA methylation and regulate synaptic function in adult forebrain neurons.
Feng J, Zhou Y, Campbell SL, Le T, Li E, Sweatt JD, Silva AJ, Fan G.
Nat Neurosci. 2010 Apr;13(4):423-30. PMID: 20228804

Increased Levels of Anxiety-related Behaviors in a Tsc2 Dominant Negative Transgenic Mouse Model of Tuberous Sclerosis.
Ehninger, D. and A.J. Silva Behav Genet. 2010

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Landreth, A. and Silva, A.J. The Need for Research Maps to Navigate Published Work and Inform Experiment Planning. Neuron 2013 79 411-415