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The 2017 ICLM Distinguished Lecture will be given by Dr. Kay Tye from the Picower Institute at MIT (April 4th, 2017, NRB at noon)

This ICLM special lecture is given each year by a leading figure in the field. it is not simply a "latest-research-findings-lecture", but an in depth discussion on the scientific process illustrated by the major findings of leading figures in the field of learning and memory.

Past lecturers include:

Richard F. Thompson (2002),
Edvard Moser (2003),
Gary Lynch (2004),
Stephen Lisberger (2005),
Terrence Sejnowski (2008),
Larry Squire (2009),
Thomas Carew (2010),
Greg Quirk (2011)
Mark Mayford (2012)
Roberto Malinow (2013)
Leslie Ungerlider (2014)
Susumu Tonegawa (2015)
Roger Nicoll (2016)