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The 2024 ICLM Southern California Learning and Memory Symposium:

March 11, 2024, in the NRB building auditorium at UCLA!

A yearly ICLM meeting primarily for Southern California laboratories interested in plasticity and learning. Everyone is invited, and attendance is free. It is designed to promote collaborations and interactions between the many outstanding laboratories working in this field in Southern California. It is also a valuable resource for students and post-doctoral fellows interested since it provides an opportunity for them to be exposed to the breath and richness of our learning and memory community. No registration required for this meeting

The 2024 ICLM Southern California Learning and Memory Symposium took place on Monday, March 11, 2024 in the NRB building auditorium at UCLA!

Symposium Program (NRB Building, UCLA)

8:30 AM: Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM: Welcome remarks: Alcino Silva (UCLA)

Session 1- Chair: David Glanzman (UCLA)
9:05: Laura De Nardo (UCLA) Developmentally distinct architectures in top-down circuits controlling threat avoidance
9:25: Dan Feldman (UC Berkeley) Representational drift and learning in whisker somatosensory cortex
9:45: Kate Wassum (UCLA) Neuronal circuit mechanisms of habit learning
10:05: Lindsay Halladay (SCU)  Dynamic neural encoding of aversive learning in the extended amygdala

Break 10:25-10:40 AM

Session 2- Chair: Nanthia Suthana (UCLA)
10:40: Massimo Scanziani (UCSF) Orienting Behavior in the Sleeping Brain
11:00: Sotiris Masmanidis (UCLA) Dopamine: what is it good for?
11:20: Ueli Rutishauser (Cedars) Probing human memory and decision making at the single-neuron level
11:40: Weizhe Hong (UCLA) Neural Basis of Prosocial Behavior

Lunch 12:00-1:30 PM

Session 3- Chair: Kate Wassum (UCLA)
1:30: Alicia Izquierdo (UCLA) Wired for Prediction: Translational models of frontal cortex function in learning under uncertainty
1:50: Austin Coley (UCLA)
Visualizing the Longitudinal Development of Stress-Induced Anhedonia From Representations of Valence in the PFC
Markus Meister (Caltech) Life without Cortex
2:30: Jack Lin (UC Davis) How ripples enhance emotional memory and facilitate inter-regional communication

Break 2:50-3:05 PM

Session 4- Chair: Dean Buonomano (UCLA)
3:05: Dean Mobbs (Caltech) A neural representation of safety.
3:25: Elizabeth Chrastil (UC Irvine) Learning and memory in human spatial navigation
3:45: Javier Diaz-Alonso (UC Irvine) Intracellular and transsynaptic mechanisms regulating synaptic AMPAR complement, learning and memory
4:05: Mario Dipoppa (UCLA) Canonical Computations in the Cerebral Cortex

Break 4:25-4:40 PM

Session 5- Chair: Laura De Nardo, UCLA
4:40: Kacie Deters (UCLA) Cognitive aging, and Alzheimer's disease and related dementias in the Black community
5:00: Melissa Campbell (UCSD) Morphogen signaling crosstalk in the generation of cortical interneuron subtypes
5:20: Carlos Portera-Cailliau (UCLA) Interneurons, circuits, and behavior in neurodevelopmental conditions

5:40:Concluding Remarks: Michael Fanselow


We gratefully acknowledge support from the Brain Research Institute, the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, and the Departments of Psychology, Integrative Biology & Physiology, Neurobiology, Neurology, and Physiology.

No registration was required for this meeting

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