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The 2023 Southern California Learning and Memory Symposium:

March 9, 2023, in the NRB building auditorium at UCLA!

A yearly meeting primarily for Southern California laboratories interested in plasticity and learning. Everyone is invited, and attendance is free. It is designed to promote collaborations and interactions between the many outstanding laboratories working in this field in Southern California. It is also a valuable resource for students and post-doctoral fellows interested since it provides an opportunity for them to be exposed to the breath and richness of our learning and memory community. To register please send an email to mfanselow#gmail.com.

The 2023 Southern California Learning and Memory Symposium will take place on Thursday, March 9, 2023 (please, mark your calendars) in the NRB building auditorium at UCLA!

Symposium Schedule

8:30 Continental Breakfast

9:00 Welcome and Introductory Remarks: Michael S Fanselow

Session 1 Chair: (UCLA) Anne Churchland
9:05 Dean Buonomano (UCLA): Neural encoding of Time and Working Memory: two sides of the same coin?
9:35 Gyorgy Lur (UC Irvine): Cell-type specific integration of feedforward and feedback synaptic inputs in the posterior parietal cortex.
10:05 Hong Wei Dong (UCLA): Assemble Neural Networks of the hippocampus and amygdala.

10:35 Coffee/Tea Break

Session 2 Chair: Christopher Colwell (UCLA)
11:00 Aubhuti Goel (UC Riverside): Dysfunctional cortical mechanisms contribute to sensory hypersensitivity and atypical learning in Fragile X Syndrome.
11:30 Regina Lapate (UC Santa Barbara): The tie that binds: Temporal memory in emotional contexts
12:00 Brian Dias (USC): Cross-species investigations of legacies of stress.

12:30 Lunch Break

Session 3 Chair: Weizhe Hong (UCLA)
2:00 Autumn Ivy (UC Irivine): Neural epigenetic mechanisms of early life exercise and hippocampal cognition.
2:30 John O'Doherty (CalTech) The brain is a mixture of experts: how the brain allocates control as a function of the reliability of predictions.
3:00 Michael Yassa (UC Irvine) Tracing Memories Through Time: Beyond the Episodic-Semantic Distinction

3:30 Tea/Coffee Break

Session 4 Chair: Felix Schweizer (UCLA)
4:00 Melissa Malvaez (UCLA): Cell-type-specific contributions of striatal projections neurons to action & habit learning
4:30 Christina Gremel (UC San Diego): OFC and Action control.
5:00 Melissa Sharpe (UCLA): The contribution of distinct dopamine circuits to different associations developed during backwards conditioning.

5:30 Closing Remarks and Reception: Michael S Fanselow

To register please send an email to mfanselow#gmail.com.

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