ICLM: Discover, teach, treatI.C. Learning & Memory

2012 meeting:

June 6th, 2012
Leichtag Auditorium
University of California, San Diego

Continental breakfast
8:55 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Session 1
9:00 Larry Squire: The hippocampus, memory and spatial cognition
9:30 John Wixted: Recollection and familiarity in the hippocampus
10:00 Rosie Cowell: Paradoxical False Recognition: New objects look old in a model
of amnesia

Session 2
11:00 Alcino Silva: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of memory allocation
11:30 Mark Mayford: Genetic control of memory circuits
12:00 Jill Leutgeb: A neuronal code for extended time in the hippocampus
12:30 Lunch

Session 3
2:00 Barbara Knowlton: The role of medial temporal lobe subregions in declarative
2:30 Sarah Bottjer: Singing in the brain: cellular and circuit mechanisms of vocal
3:00 Xin Jin: Basal ganglia and action learning in mice

Session 4
4:00 Sarah Mednick: Reaching beyond the limits of memory: Experimenting with
learning, sleep, and drugs
4:30 Antonio Rangel: What is the role of learning in simple and complex choice?
5:00 Tom Albright: Gaining sensory expertise

Sponsored by the UCSD Departments of Psychology, Neurosciences, Cognitive Science and
the Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind

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