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The 2016 Southern California Learning and Memory Symposium

Confirmed Speakers

The 2016 Southern California Learning and Memory Symposium took place on Monday, May 9th in the Neuroscience Research Building (8:30 AM to 6:00 PM), UCLA Medical School Campus.

Speakers For The Fifteenth Annual Southern California Learning & Memory Symposium
Integrative Center for Learning and Memory
Neuroscience Research Building Auditorium, UCLA
May 9th, 2016

Alcino Silva (UCLA)
Caleb Tuck Finch (USC)
Christina Gremel (UCSD)
Dean Buonomano (UCLA)
Emily Jacobs (UCSB)
Hakwan Lau (UCLA)
Jill Leutgeb (UCSD)
John O’Doherty (Caltech)
Michael Goard (UCSB)
Paul Mathews (UCLA)
Samuel Andrew Hires (USC)
Yuki Oka (Caltech)

Symposium Schedule

8:30 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Alcino J. Silva, Ph.D., UCLA

Session 1 Chair: Alcino J. Silva, Ph.D., UCLA
9:05 Dentate network computations in support of spatial working memory
Jill Leutgeb, Ph.D., UC San Diego
9:35 Orbital frontal control over actions
Christina Gremel, Ph.D., UC San Diego
10:05 Interrogating the role of sex steroid hormones in memory circuitry
Emily Goard Jacobs, Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara, and Harvard
10:35 Coffee Break

Session 2 Chair: David L. Glanzman, Ph.D., UCLA
11:00 Distinct roles of visual, parietal and frontal motor cortices in a memory-guided sensorimotor decision
Michael Jacobs Goard, Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara
11:30 Reverse-engineering the sense of touch
Samuel Andrew Hires, Ph.D., University of Southern California
12:00 Air pollution in outcomes of brain aging
Caleb E. Finch, Ph.D., University of Southern California

12:30 Lunch Break

Session 3 Chair: Pamela Kennedy, Ph.D., UCLA
2:00 Neural computations underlying arbitration between goal-directed and habitual control
John O’Doherty, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
2:30 Dissecting and controlling the neural circuits underlying body fluid homeostasis
Yuki Oka, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
3:00 Telling time with neural dynamics
Dean Buonomano, Ph.D., UCLA

3:30 Coffee Break

Session 4 Chair: Nanthia Suthana, Ph.D, UCLA
4:00 Molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms of learning and memory
Alcino J. Silva, Ph.D., UCLA
4:30 Multivoxel neurofeedback extinguishes fear without conscious exposure
Hakwan Lau, Ph.D., UCLA
5:00 Mechanisms of motor memory formation in the cerebellum
Paul Mathews, Ph.D.
We gratefully acknowledge support from the Brain Research Institute, the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and
Human Behavior, and the Departments of Integrative Biology & Physiology, Neurobiology, Neurology, and Physiology.

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