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Andrew Wikenheiser
The lab studies how neural representations support behaviors like decision making. They approach this question by recording the electrical activity of neurons as rats perform behavioral tasks. Electrophysiological techniques are augmented with optogenetics and computational analyses. Current projects are exploring how interactions between the hippocampus and the orbitofrontal cortex support decision making, the encoding of spatial goals, and the formation of neural representations for abstract stimulus spaces.

Recent Publications:
Suppression of ventral hippocampal output impairs integrated orbitofrontal encoding of task structure
AM Wikenheiser, Y Marrero-Garcia, G Schoenbaum
Neuron. 95(5), 1197–1207.e3. (2017)

Over the river, through the woods: cognitive maps in the hippocampus and orbitofrontal cortex AM Wikenheiser, G Schoenbaum Nature Reviews Neuroscience 17(8): 513-523. (2016)

Hippocampal theta sequences reflect current goals AM Wikenheiser, AD Redish Nature Neuroscience. 18, 289–294. (2015)

Decoding the cognitive map: ensemble hippocampal sequences and decision making AM Wikenheiser, AD Redish Current Opinion in Neurobiology 32: 8-15. (2015)