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Stephanie White

Stephanie White's research focuses on synaptic plasticity and song learning in the Zebra Finch. They are interested on how learned behaviors shape gene expression patterns. The laboratory is studying how genes, such as FoxP2, that affect language in humans regulate song learning in birds.

Recent Publications:

Berg JM, Lee C, Chen L, Galvan L, Cepeda C, Chen JY, Penagarkano O, Stein JL, Li A, Oguro-Ando A, Miller JA, Vahisht AA, Starks ME, Kite EP, Al-Sharif NB, Burkett ZD, White SA, Fears SC, Levine MS, Wohlschlegel JA & Geschwind DG (2015) JAKMIP1 links regulation of neuronal protein translation to autism. Neuron, 88: 1173-1191

*Miller JE, *Hafzalla G, Burkett ZD, Fox CM & White SA. (2015) Dopamine depletion in basal ganglia song nucleus reduces vocal variability in adult male zebra finches. Physiol Rep, 3: e12599 (*equal authorship)

Burkett ZD, Day NF, Penagarika┼ło O, Geschwind DH & White SA. (2015) VoICE: A semi-automated pipeline for standardizing vocal analysis across models. Sci Rep, 5: 10237

Heston JB & White SA (2015) Behavior-linked FoxP2 regulation enables zebra finch vocal learning. J Neurosci, 35: 2885-2894. PMC4331621

*Hilliard AT, *Miller JE, Fraley ER, Horvath S & White SA (2012) Molecular microcircuitry underlies the functional specification of a basal ganglia circuit dedicated to vocal learning. Neuron, 73: 537-552. PMC3278710 (*equal authorship)