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Nanthia Suthana

Dr. Suthana’s research uses intracranial single-unit and local field potential recordings combined with deep brain stimulation in neurosurgical patients with electrodes implanted for epilepsy evaluation to investigate the neuronal correlates of learning, memory, and spatial navigation. These studies provide a rare window into human brain function during cognition and how these systems may be modulated to improve function. The Suthana lab also uses non-invasive methods for improving cognitive function such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroencephalography, and high-resolution functional magnetic resonance imaging. Lastly, the Suthana laboratory uses Virtual Reality Motion Capture (VR-MoCap) combining sub-millimeter full body motion capture with immersive virtual augmented reality technology in participants who have high-density mobile EEG recording of brain activity and implanted deep brain electrodes for recording and stimulating of brain activity. The overall goal of the VR-MoCap laboratory is to investigate brain mechanisms underlying real-world ambulatory behaviors. Dr. Suthana is also highly involved in increasing educational and career opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities in the STEM fields. She serves as the Associate Director for Outreach for the Brain Research Institute and Assistant Director of Postdoctoral Outreach and Educational Programs.

Recent Publications:

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