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Barbara Knowlton

Barbara Knowlton's lab is focused on the study of the neural bases of memory. They use a number of different approaches, including neuroimaging and neuropsychology to describe functional differences between memory systems and the brain regions that support different memory processes.

Recent Publications

Eich, T.S., Murayama, K., Castel, A.D., & Knowlton, B.J. (2014).  The dynamic effects of age-related stereotype threat on explicit and implicit memory performance in older adults. Social Cognition, 32:559-570.
Knowlton, B.J. (2014) Habit formation. In D. Jaeger & R. Jung (eds.) Encyclopedia ofComputational Neuroscience doi 10.1007/978-1-4614-7320-6_517-1, pp. 1-17, Springer Reference, New York.
Wagshal D., Knowlton, B.J., Cohen, J.R., Bookheimer, S.Y., Bilder, R.M., Fernandez, V.G & Asarnow R.F. (2015). Cognitive correlates of gray matter abnormalities in adolescent siblings of patients with childhood-onset schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research. 161:345-350.
Suthana, N.A., Donix, M., Wozny, D.R., Bazih, A., Jones, M., Heidemann, R.M., Trampel, R., Ekstrom, A.D., Scharf, M., Knowlton, B, Turner, R., & Bookheimer S.Y. (2015). High-resolution 7T fMRI of human hippocampal subfields during associative learning. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 27:1194-1206
Carr, V.A., Castel, A.D., & Knowlton, B.J. (2015). Age-related differences in memory after attending to distinctiveness or similarity during learning. Aging, Neuropsychology, & Cognition. 22:155-69.
Haut, K.M., van Erp. T.G.M., Knowlton, B., Bearden, C., Subotnik, K., Ventura, J., Neuchterlein,  K., & Cannon, T.D. (2015) Contributions of feature binding during encoding and functional connectivity of the medial temporal lobe structures to episodic memory deficits across the prodromal and first-episode phases of schizophrenia. Clinical Psychological Science. 3:159-174.
Suthana, N.A., Parikshank, N.N, Ekstrom, A.D., Ison, M.J., Knowlton, B.J., Bookheimer S.Y., & Fried, I. (2015). Specific responses of human hippocampal neurons are associated with  better memory. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112:10503-10508.
Cohen, M.S., Rissman, J., Suthana, N.A., Castel, A.D., & Knowlton, B.J. (2016). Effects of aging on value-directed modulation of semantic network activity during verbal learning. Neuroimage 125:1046-1052.