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Joaquin Fuster

Dr. Fuster is a pioneer of cognitive neuroscience at UCLA. For many years of his distinguished career he has endeavored to clarify the neural mechanisms of cognitive functions, especially attention, perception and memory. His research in neuroscience is not only basic but also translational. This research allows scientists to better understand deficits of cognition linked to many neurological and psychiatric disorders, including brain stroke, brain trauma, Alzheimer's dementia, and schizophrenia. He has conducted extensive investigations of cortical memory networks in the primate, with special emphasis on the mechanisms of working memory. Earlier in his career Fuster discovered “memory cells”; those are cortical neurons that retain information about associated stimuli of different sensory modalities (touch, vision and audition) for prospective action. That was a seminal discovery that inspired hundreds of studies throughout the world, particularly on the prefrontal cortex, by a diversity of methods. He has written a widely consulted book on the neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and neuropsychology of that part of brain, which is now on its 5th edition. He is currently conducting collaborative studies on the cognitive disorders resulting from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and methods for cognitive rehabilitation after it. Dr. Fuster has endowed UCLA with a Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience (presently held by Professor Susan Bookheimer) and an Annual Lecture on the same topic. Furthermore, he was instrumental in the design and construction of the Fuster Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience (present Director, Professor Michele Basso).

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