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Michael Fanselow

Michael S. Fanselow's laboratory is interested in how fear is learned and how fear memories are stored in the brain. His lab studies forebrain structures such as the amygdala and hippocampus to understand how various structures and processes interact during fear learning and memory. They also are interested in characterizing the ways in which fear memories are translated into specific behavior patterns.

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Recent Publications

Bissiere, S., Zelikowsky, M., Ponnusamy, R., Jacobs, N. S., Blair, H. T. & Fanselow, M. S. “Electrical Synapses Control Hippocampal Contributions to Fear Learning and Memory.” Science, 331:87-91. (2011)

Rau, V., Fanselow, M. S., & Eger, E. I. “The Use of Anesthesia in an Animal Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.” In Sher, L. & Vilens, A. (eds.) Neurobiology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder pp. 345-354. Nova: Hauppage, NY. (2010)

Haubensak, W., Kunwar, P., Cai, H. , Ciocchi, S., Wall, N., Ponnusamy, R., Biag, J., Dong, H, Deisseroth, K., Callaway, E., Fanselow, M., Luthi, A., & Anderson, D. “Genetic dissection of an amygdala microcircuit that gates conditioned fear.” Nature, 468:270-276. (2010)

Eadie, B. D., Cushman, J., Kannangara, T. S., Fanselow, M. S., & Christie, B.R . NMDA receptor hypofunction in the dentate gyrus and impaired context discrimination in adult Fmr1 knockout mice. Hippocampus, epub ahead of print. (2010)

Wiltgen, B. J., Royle, G. A., Gray, E. E., Abdipranoto, A., Thangthaeng, N., Jacobs, N., Saab, F., Tonegawa, S., Heinemann, S. F., O’Dell, T. J., Fanselow, M. S., & Vissel, B. “A Role for Calcium-Permeable AMPA Receptors in Synaptic Plasticity and Learning.” PLoS ONE 5(9): e12818. (2010)