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Daniel Aharoni

Dr. Daniel Aharoni has a background in equipment design, test and measurement systems, data analysis, and product development. His work focuses on bridging the gap between specialized tool design and the intricacies of modern neuroscience. By applying design methodologies from engineering and physics, the Aharoni laboratory develops specialized neuroscience research devices to addresses open questions in the field. This group leads the development of the UCLA Miniscope project and builds other tools with an emphasis on i) neural recording techniques for freely behaving animals and ii) open-source dissemination of novel technology. Through innovation and optimization, this work aims to extend the reach of neuroscience and train the next generation of research driven tool developers.

Recent Publications:

Skocek*, O.; Nobauer*, T.; Weilguny, L.; Traub, F. M.; Xia, C. N.; Molodtsov, M. I.; Grama, A.; Yamagata, M.; Aharoni, D.; Cox, D. D.; Golshani, P.; Vaziri, A.; “High-speed volumetric imaging of neuronal activity in freely moving rodent”, Nature Methods, Forthcoming, 2018

Cai*, D. J.; Aharoni*, D.; Shuman*, T.; Shobe*, J.; Biane, J.; Song, W.; Wei, B.; Veshkini, M.; La-Vu, M.; Lou, J.; Flores, S. E.; Kim, I.; Sano, Y.; Zhou, M.; Baumgaertel, K.; Lavi, A.; Kamata, M.; Tuszynski, M.; Mayford, M.; Golshani, P.; Silva, A. J.; “A shared neural ensemble links distinct contextual memories encoded close in time”, Nature, Volume 534, Issue 7605, May 2016

Shtrhman, M.; Aharoni, D.; Hardy, N. F.; Buonomano, D. V.; Arisaka, K.; Otis, T. S.; “Multifocal Fluorescence Microscope for Fast Optical Recordings of Neuronal Action Potentials”, Biophysical Journal, Volume 108, Issue 3, February 2015

Cushman*, J. D.; Aharoni*, D.; Willers, B.; Ravassard, P.; Kees, A.; Vuong, B.; Arisaka, K.; Mehta, M. R.; “Multisensory control of multimodal behavior”, PLoS ONE, Volume 8, Issue 11, June 2013