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Joaquin Fuster

Dr. Fuster's lab is interested in elucidating the neural mechanisms of cognition, research that may allow scientists to better understand cognition disorders linked to many neurological and psychiatric disorders, including brain stroke, brain trauma, Alzheimer's dementia, and schizophrenia. Specific projects include, 1) Studies of cortical memory networks in the primate, with special emphasis on the mechanisms of working memory, 2) “Memory cells” that retain information about associated stimuli of different sensory modalities (touch, vision and audition), 3) Active memory networks investigated by the joint application of electrical and brain-imaging methods—notably NIRS, and near infrared spectroscopy, 4) Oscillatory patterns of cortical activity correlated with the temporary retention of visual information (color and position of visual stimuli) in working memory, 5) Conducting collaborative studies on the cognitive disorders resulting from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and methods for cognitive rehabilitation after it, 6) Collaborative computational aspects of frontal lobe functions.

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