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Insufficient sleep rapidly degrades cognitive function, and sleep deficits are often early symptoms of neurocognitive disorders. Many lines of recent research have advanced our knowledge of both the sleep-dependent mechanisms that maintain cognitive performance, and of core sleep regulatory circuits that might enable better control of sleep/wake cycles. This symposium, organized by the UCLA labs of Jeff Donlea, Chris Colwell, Ketema Paul, and Gina Poe, will discuss recent findings that link sleep with neurocognitive function and advance our understanding of sleep regulation. This ICLM meeting was funded by multiple UCLA departments, and the BRI
It will take place in the UCLA Medical School Campus (NRB auditorium) on April 6, 2018 and is supported by the Integrative Center for Learning and Memory and Brain Research Institute at UCLA. It will cover topics related to the regulation and neurocognitive functions of sleep, ranging from genetic model systems to clinical populations. The meeting will consist of TED-like talks accessible to everyone in this multidisciplinary topic
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Registration is free but required
Neuroscience Research Building Auditorium, 635 Charles Young Drive South Los Angeles, Westwood.
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9:10-9:15 Introduction
Chris Colwell (UCLA): "Circadian Disruption in Neurodevelopmental disorders: mechanisms and opportunities for interventions"
Ruth Benca (UC Irvine): TBD
10:05-10:30 Nelson Freimer (UCLA): "Sleep and activity in mood disorders"

10:30-10:45 BREAK

Sara Mednick (UC Riverside): "Tracking the role of sleep spindles in human memory consolidation"
Gina Poe (UCLA): "Sleep signatures supporting synaptic reorganization during memory (re)consoldation and the clinical significance of their loss"
Jeff Donlea (UCLA): "Mapping the organization of homeostatic sleep control"

12:00-1:00 LUNCH BREAK

Keynote Lecture
Miranda Lim (OHSU): "Early life sleep disruption and social development in prairie voles: A model of autism spectrum disorder"

2:00-2:15 BREAK

Jennifer Martin (UCLA/VA): "Sleep disorders in women veterans"
Bill Joiner (UCSD): "Plasticity in the sleep homeostat"
Ron Szymusiak (UCLA/VA): "Hypothalamic control of sleep homeostasis"
Ketema Paul (UCLA): "Bmal1 function in skeletal muscle regulates sleep"

4:00 Reception (NRB lobby)

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