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Recent developments in technologies that allow the activation and inhibition of specific cell assemblies in behaving brains have revolutionized systems neuroscience.
An ideal complement to these ground-breaking tools are approaches that allow the functional imaging of a large numbers of neurons in freely moving animals (e.g. head-mounted fluorescent microscopes originally developed in the Schnitzer lab). However, for a number of reasons (e.g., cost) these head-mounted fluorescent microscopes are still inaccessible to most labs. This workshop is sponsored by
MCCS and the UCLA Integrative Center for Learning and Memory (ICLM). It is organized by the UCLA labs of Alcino Silva, Bal Khakh and Peyman Golshani. Instructors will include Daniel Aharoni, Denise Cai, Tristan Shuman and Tsai-Yi Lu, the scientists that developed and used extensively the UCLA miniscopes.


This MCCS / ICLM workshop will review an open source, new generation of head-mounted fluorescent microscopes (miniscopes) developed at UCLA in the labs of Alcino Silva, Bal Khakh and Peyman Golshani. For a wiki describing these miniscopes, associated protocols, part numbers etc, go to The long-term goal is to create a wiki-like community of users that will share the development of this powerful technology, from the design of the miniscopes to the computer software, surgery methods, etc, in an open source and commercial free environment. This workshop is part of a series of events to share the evolving technology of miniscopes. The workshop will be on Thursday November 10, 2016 (2-5 PM; right before the SFN meeting) in the UCSD Medical Education and Telemedicine Building - Lower Auditorium
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Workshop Schedule
November 10th, 2016 (2-5 PM)
University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
Medical Education and Telemedicine Building - Lower Auditorium

2:05-2:15 Welcome: Alcino Silva

Overview: Denise Cai

Imaging Principles: Daniel Aharoni

Implantation & Baseplate Surgeries: Tristan Shuman

3:35-3:45 Break

Assembly & Imaging: Denise Cai

4:20-5:00 Future Directions/ Q&A